Student Life


We provide the best teaching and learning facilities. We boast of a well-stocked library as well as an ultra-modern computer centre. We offer a free intensive digital literacy training course for all our students.

Student Accommodation

We monitor and regulate standards for several private student accommodation residences just next to the College. We ensure that our students get the best standards of accommodation at affordable rates!


Our students are passionate about sports, arts and athletics and have the freedom to choose the one they like and wish to take up. We also participate in inter-school, County, Regional and National level competitions.

Wi-Fi Access

We provide fast and accessible wireless internet services through-out he college to foster academic research and social connections for our students and staff!

Religious Activities

With various religious affiliations on board, we take pride in having the most diverse religious culture in college. From the active Christian Union and Muslim Association to the robust religious cultures in between, we provide the best freedom for worship and spiritual nourishment for our students and staff.

Professional Clubs & Societies

We pride ourselves in various professional and vocational clubs and societies through which our students can gain mentorship, a professional edge as well as as express their abilities and talents. From ICT to Business and art forms like painting, dance, drama and more. We organize various platforms such as exhibitions, concerts and musical events to encourage our students to own their talent and flourish in those fields.

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